Kirtan Singing Events with live band and stories (Kirtan Night with Mercy)


Mercedes performing at PURE yoga in NYC

Mercedes performing at PURE yoga in NYC

 Kirtan Concert & Stories from Ancient India Night

with Chanting with Mercy Kirtan Band

A night of kirtan, music, stories, and fun!

Learning to sing and open the heart can have a profound effect on our mind and environment. Come listen to beautiful music and ancient Sanskirt and Buddhist Mantras. Sing along with us on this night of kirtan and also hear inspiring tales of Yogis and their trials on their path to enlightenment. 

“You will know your yoga is working when you hear the singing within you.”

-Svatmarama Yogi, 14th Century

These events are appropriate for the following individuals:


○      Who wish to learn the art of Kirtan singing or chanting and establish a daily practice.

○      Who wish to empower themselves through song to work through or release tension in everyday lives.

○      Who wish to reduce stress, promote well-being, increase gratitude and empathy and joy

○      Give those interested in Kirtan chanting an opportunity to connect with others and experience the joy of song in a positive group setting.

○      Enjoy an evening of music, song and stories from Ancient India and connect with like-minded individuals.


Performing with MC Yogi

Performing with MC Yogi