“Mercedes Bahleda has the rare mixture of being a deeply gifted performer, an intellectual powerhouse, and a purely open hearted person. One cannot help but be inspired and changed by spending a few hours in her presence."

"Mercedes voice has the power to awaken lost and lonely hearts and to remind them of their deeper purpose and longings. She is unpremeditated in her work and this gives it a dangerous and essential vitality that is rare and deeply needed in the world.”

Will Duncan

Founder- The Sophia Project

“On Friday morning I took this opportunity to have a vocal lesson with Mercedes Bahleda. I can honestly say what an incredible experience and journey of sound and emotion that I went on with my voice. I've taken vocal lessons from various teachers and practitioners in London and Yorkshire. She re-introduced me to my inner sound, to some new techniques and scales with the knowledge and awareness of keeping my voice safe.
Apart from being very approachable and having fun with the music, what I really enjoyed with her was that we spoke about releasing the true and authentic sound. I felt like instead of trying or pushing, I was relaxing into vocal expression and allowing my voice to reach different heights! 

Combined with her deep and understanding of anatomy and movement, I believe that any theatre company, directors and serious performers would be blessed to have masterclasses, taster sessions or workshops with her, especially for large scale productions, heavy on vocal work and movement! I cannot wait to work with her again.”

Loussin-Torah Pilikian

Actor and Performer

London, England


"I have been a student of Mercedes for the past five years. Her teachings filled my life with profound ancient wisdom.  Applying this wisdom to my meditation practice enriched my life to a level I never imagined and assisted me during difficult times.  Her presentation is imbued with spiritual knowledge of various traditions. Her experiences as a dedicated yogi fill her teaching with love and wisdom that few people possess."


Kent Kreitler

International Extreme and Free-skiing Champion

X-Games Medalist

Sun Valley, Idaho, USA


"Mercedes Bahleda has always been an angel for me.  Her voice is inseparable from her spirit, tender and triumphant.  Her creative energy and her spiritual energies are  one and the same; with her voice and body, she kisses eternity...."

 -Anohni, Antony and the Johnsons

Mercury Music Prize Winner