One to One Private Sessions


A supportive private class where individuals can receive focused personalized attention catered to their specific needs and goals. I will use my acting, singing, and chanting training as well as  instrumentation such as a harmonium to provide support and healing to the voice, body and mind of my clients.

These classes are appropriate for the following:

 ○      Singers or those interested in learning to sing through the ancient art of Kirtan chanting.

○      Those who wish to connect to the power of their natural voice and speak from a place of confidence. (I have used Kirtan singing and chanting to help women around the world who have been conditioned to repress speech and emotions to feel more confident and expressive.)

○      Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of clarity or poor cognitive function or those who wish to reduce stress, promote well being, increase gratitude and empathy (See market research).

○      Yoga teachers who wish to lead their students in Kirtan (it is traditional to open and close a yoga class with a chant).

○      Professionals who wish to overcome a fear of public speaking.

Translators, guides, teachers, lecturers and others whose voice is their vocation and find they tire easily.

Private Instructions are £60 for a 50min session

£240 for 5 class series (with pre first session interview via telephone) catered to your concentrated interest and can be offered via Skype or in person in London.

Student and other discounts available on request.

Please contact to arrange a session or call 07440592265